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Dr Marc Applestein
Dr Marc Applestein

Dr Marc Applestein

Dr Marc Applestein, MD, MSB

Dr. Marc Applestein, M.D. M.S.B. has over 35 years of medical experience, specializing in urology. His expertise in medicine and patient care allows him to bring up-to-date medical information to patients in need.

Dr. Marc Applestein has been in practice for over 35 years and has received several awards in his field. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Duke University, he continued his medical education as a urology resident at the University of Maryland Hospital. Dr. Marc Applestein later completed a Masters of Science in business through Johns Hopkins University. He is currently the on-site residency director in the urological surgery section at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Applestein has many achievements, including the Clinical Collaboration and Teamwork Award from Johns Hopkins Health System and the Tim Kelly Award for Quality and Excellence. Before his current position at the Department of Veterans Affairs, he served as the Department Chair of Surgery at the Greater Laurel Regional Hospital and Howard County General Hospital. Alongside his medical career, Dr. Applestein worked as the Columbia Urological Center Financial Director for 24 years.

Along with publications in the Journal of Urology, Dr. Applestein also peer-reviewed articles at The Gold Journal of Urology. Using his business acumen and medical experience, he has secured the respect and admiration of his peers for his dedication to patient safety, trust building, and physician management.

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