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Can Male-Pattern Hair Loss be Reversed?

Tuesday 17 August 2021
Hair Loss
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Table of Contents

I. What is Male-Pattern Baldness?

II. Can Avodart Reverse Hair Loss?

III. Propecia and Common Side Effects

IV. Other Solutions to Prevent Hair Loss

What is Male-Pattern Baldness?

Male-pattern baldness is typically an inherited trait. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, this condition causes gradual hair loss as a person grows older. Male-pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men, with more than half of all men over 50 affected by this condition to some extent. [1]

The most common cause of male-pattern baldness is genetics. However, research has shown that male-pattern hair loss may sometimes be associated with dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male sex hormone. If you have a family history of baldness, you may be more likely to have androgen imbalances in your body, leading to hair loss. Read on to learn how hair loss can be reversed with medications like Avodart and Propecia.

Can Avodart Reverse Hair Loss?

Avodart (dutasteride) is a medication used to treat various health conditions. Dutasteride can treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), but it can also help to regrow hair in those affected by male-pattern hair loss. [2]

a bald man scrunching his face in frustration

If male-pattern baldness is genetic, how can Avodart reverse hair loss? Patients who have BPH and those affected by hair loss both display high levels of DHT. Avodart helps with hair regrowth by affecting the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, subsequently blocking the formation of DHT. [3]

Dutasteride can reverse hair loss to a certain degree. Most patients who take Avodart do not regrow all lost hair. The good news is that Avodart has been shown to increase hairs and fill thin areas. [3]

Before starting treatment with Avodart, it is crucial to consult your doctor. Avodart isn’t suitable for everyone and can cause sexual problems in some. If you experience a lower sperm count, testicle pain, breast size increase, or breast tenderness, tell your doctor. For some men, these sexual problems can continue after treatment has stopped. [2]

Propecia and Common Side Effects

What is Propecia, and how does it compare to Avodart? Propecia (finasteride) works similarly to Avodart. It inhibits the amount of DHT hormone, thereby increasing hair growth and preventing further hair loss. [4]

Propecia (finasteride) should only be used by adult men. Women and children are not advised to use this medication. Finasteride is teratogenic, which means that it may cause birth defects in pregnant women. [4]

a man with a full head of hair

Finasteride is highly effective in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. In clinical trials, 86 percent of participants stopped losing hair, and 65 percent of participants experienced significant hair growth. There is also evidence to support the effectiveness of long-term finasteride use; studies suggest that finasteride is more effective after five years of use than one. [5]

Because Propecia affects DHT, it can also cause side effects of sexual dysfunction in men. If you experience a decrease in sexual desire or ability, talk to your doctor. A decrease in the amount of semen released during sex can be harmless, but some men continue to have this side effect after stopping treatment. Make sure to ask your doctor if Propecia is right for you. [4]

Other Solutions to Prevent Hair Loss

If Avodart and Propecia are not suitable for you, your doctor may recommend several other solutions to prevent hair loss. There is limited evidence to support its effectiveness, but laser treatment is believed to reduce the inflammation in your hair follicles, which can promote hair growth. [6]

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Your doctor may also recommend certain lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of hair loss. Smoking is a major risk factor for hair loss, so it may be in your best interest to throw out the cigarettes.

Studies show that stress can trigger fluctuations in your hormones and lead to premature hair loss. Stress can also cause your hair to turn gray. To reduce stress levels, you may want to try meditation, yoga, regular sleep, and exercise.

A well-balanced diet can also go a long way in keeping your hair in optimal health. Limit your intake of sugary foods and increase iron-rich foods high in omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.

Finally, regular checkups can help prevent hair loss that is related to any underlying health condition. Iron deficiency anemia, scalp psoriasis, lupus, and diabetes are some common conditions that can lead to balding. If your hair loss is a side effect of an underlying condition, treating the condition should return your scalp condition to normal. If you are worried about male-pattern baldness, talk to your doctor today. To fill your prescription of Avodart or Propecia, visit a Canadian online pharmacy for discount prices and quick delivery today!


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