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Canada Pharmacy Depot Vows to Safeguard Patients

Patient Safety is our most important commitment. We take no shortcuts or limit resources on this critically important part of our service.

Patient Requirements

We consider it our job to make sure our patients are protected against fraud and misuse of prescription drugs. To do so, we have stringent requirements that meet regulatory requirements and require all our customers to provide:


Government issued ID

We require valid identification such as a drivers license or passport to meet pharmacy and/or dispensing fulfillment centre legal requirements.


A Valid Prescription

In cases where the product is a prescription item, a valid prescription is required. This prescription must be based on a face-to-face encounter with a licensed medical professional


Medical Profile

All patients are required to provide their medical history and profile, including current medications, allergies, and medical conditions via our intake questionnaire.

Drug Authenticity

We are committed to ensuring drug authenticity is never an issue when you order from our Canadian pharmacy. We take pride in being transparent on the steps we take to ensure your safety. Read on to get a general understanding of our process.


License Verification

Verify the licensing credential’s of the fulfillment center or pharmacy. Often, we do this by having our legal team contact the appropriate regulatory body to verify licensing.

Here are some of the regulatory boards our team contacts for each country:

Patient Safety


Facility Inspection

Our legal team physically inspects the fulfillment center or pharmacy. We ensure that appropriately licensed personnel are at the facility. In addition, we audit the order fulfillment and dispensing process to confirm best practices are being employed and that all patient health data remains appropriately secure.


Supply Chain Audit

Product pedigree is basically a record of transactions between a drug manufacturer, wholesalers, and pharmacies. It is the record of sale from manufacturer to the final dispensing facility. Our team frequently audits this paper trail at random for each fulfillment center or pharmacy that we work with.

Patient Counselling

Important Services for your Health

Empowering you with essential care. Important Services for your Health.

Pharmacist Counselling & Questions

Just like your brick and mortar pharmacy, we provide pharmacist counselling when available. Having access is important if you ever need to ask questions and is part of a complete health care program. Unlike some other online pharmacies, we maintain the patient-pharmacist relationship. This is a zero cost service.

Medically Reviewed articles

We often publish valuable articles on our site that help our customers in various ways. Because this information is related to health and wellness, we want to make sure that you receive accurate, timely and factually correct information from an expert. This is why we have an editorial policy and articles that are reviewed by a licensed physician or medical professional.


Health Data Protection

We understand that your personal health data needs to be protected. We have policies and procedures that meet the appropriate privacy laws. In addition, sensitive data is stored in encrypted formats on our servers.

Important Resources